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Today, there is heightened pressure from consumers demanding greater sustainable business practices. With ease of accessibility of knowledge through the internet on how companies conduct business, consumers are able to make more informed decisions on their purchases. This allows consumers to have greater awareness on their purchases and how it impacts the world around them. As a result of this increased awareness , consumers now have a greater influence towards companies on their impact on society by choosing to purchase/engage with certain brands/companies. A key word that can be attributed on how companies can manage this can be referred to as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

According to the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, corporate social responsibility (CSR) is “a management concept whereby companies integrate social and environmental concerns in their business and operations and interactions with their stakeholders” Simply put, CSR entails the bigger picture for an organisations’ impact on society extending beyond profits. The Digital Marketing Institute illustrates some examples of CSR below (feel free to check out their article ‘Brands Doing Corporate Social Responsibility Successfully’in the link below). This includes but is not limited to:

o Volunteering in the community
o Participating in fair trade
o Reducing carbon footprint
o Improving labour policies
o Giving to charity

CSR poses a unique opportunity for organisations to be more transparent with its consumers on its practices. It also boasts a potential for good public relations, allowing for the education for consumers on its practices, in hopes of, retaining greater customer loyalty based on the sustainable practices it maintains/engages in.

Timberland is a brand that upholds and prioritises initiatives beyond its profits. Its CSR is at the top amongst its competitors within its industry. Timberland is constantly looking for ways to improve its products in a sustainable way. This is apparent in its notable product development, creating what the brand refers to as its ‘ReBOTL™’ line. Since 2009, nearly 345 million non-biodegradable plastic bottles have been used, recycled, shredded and turned into yarns and woven into fabric to make the Timberland shoes and boots that you know and love.

This 2021 season, keep an eye out for Timberland’s eco-innovation that includes the development and launch of its GreenStride™ products. Timberland released a YouTube video on its GreenStride™ products, illustrating how the brand analysed nature to help engineer and develop this line of products. The video details how and why Timberland uses sugar cane, a renewable resource, and rubber that is sourced from rubber plantations that also engage responsible land management practices, in order to create an eco-conscious shoe. The GreenStride™ products have superior comfort and style, allowing consumers greater options for a sustainable and environmentally conscious purchase.

We welcome you to check out our store locator to see the nearest Timberland near you for you to check out these new beauties!

Timberland makes it a priority to engage in sustainable business practices. The brand recognises the importance of nature and those who enjoy it. It can be assumed that consumers appreciate these efforts because they know they are helping to support such practices through the purchase of the products. Ultimately, this manifests a unique and beautiful brand-to-consumer relationship. Timberland is aware of its positive impact on society and will continue to research ways to develop its CSR practices further.

Feel free to ask one of our store employees which products belong to the ReBOTL™ or GreenStride™ line.

What are your thoughts on a brands need to engage in CSR practices? Are you more likely to buy from a brand or company that does so?

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